Listed Buildings

Much of the centre of Peebles was built in Victorian times, in the twenty year period 1870 to 1890.  These form the main Conservation Area of the town, and give the town its core character and its deserved reputation as a beautiful and relatively unmodernised Borders town.

There are of course older buildings, such as the Cross Kirk (originally a thirteenth century Trinitarian Friary), Neidpath Castle, and St Andrews Church (located in the town cemetary), and the remnants of the old town wall, a range of estates and grand houses, and its two former railway stations - most of which are afforded some form of conservation listing.  But in addition there are over 150 other listed buildings in and around Peebles - from estate and mill workers cottages to rather grander town houses - including the town's unique High Street, where no two buildings are the same.

Details of listings can be found at Historic Scotland , or the database of British Listed Buildings or of course Wikipedia.

The attached map gives an indication of where these buildings are located.  Details of town walks that will take you around many of these streetscapes are available from the Scottish Tourism Office located on the High Street by the Chambers Institution, Tweeddale Museum, Library and Buchan Museum.