About Us

  • Peebles High Street
  • Priorsford Bridge

The Peebles Community Trust is a community owned, not-for-profit, organisation established to take forward community initiatives for the benefit of the community of Peebles.  It has been set up by local residents to help local people to improve the quality of life in and around the Royal Burgh of Peebles, to ensure that residents can influence future developments which will affect us all, and to work together to ensure that the social and economic development of the town is successful and sustainable. 

It takes the form of a Development Trust and is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee. This means that it can operate as a business supporting the town and surrounds, but can attract money from charitable and private sector organisations as well as statutory agencies. Its aim is to generate revenue through grants and commercial projects, and to use these revenues to fund community projects and develop community assets.

Membership is FREE 

You can register membership by signing up to the Peebles Community Website (REGISTER tab at the bottom of the page) and ticking the membership option.

The Trust is managed by a Board of Trustees elected by its members.  This currently comprises:

  • Lawrie Hayworth (chair)
  • Caroline Adams
  • Steve Dubé
  • Les Turnbull
  • Lesley Morrison
  • Debbie McColgan
  • Alex Wilson (coordinator).