Community Trust

Peebles Community Trust

The Peebles Community Trust is a community owned, not-for-profit, Development Trust established to take forward community initiatives for the benefit of the community of Peebles. 

It is a membership organisation – with membership open to individuals and organisations operating in Peebles and its surrounding areas against the payment of an annual membership fee of £1.

Its core functions are:

  • to provide strategic context to development efforts within Peebles – in terms of social infrastructure, service provision, asset management and community / social enterprise
  • to assist organisations in securing funding for development projects and other community activities
  • to facilitate the taking into community ownership, management and/or operation such assets, social enterprises, and businesses as it may, from time to time, be appropriate in pursuing community interest
  • to take forward a small number of the larger projects / initiatives

The Trust is a member of the Development Trust Association of Scotland (DTAS).  The Trust is a community company limited by guarantee – any and all trading surpluses must be retained and used within the business.  It is the intention in time to seek charitable status.

The Trust is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee. Directors of the company are elected every year by its members. It's current board comprises:

  • Lawrie Hayworth- Chairman
  • Steve Dube
  • Les Turnbull
  • Lesley Morrison
  • Debbie McGolgan
  • Caroline Adam

The board is advised by a Steering Group - comprising the company directors, individuals with particular knowledge and skills of relevance to the work of the PCT, and representatives of each of the project groups and initiatives supported by the PCT.  Current members of the Steering Group are:

  • David Pye (chair) (rep for March Street Mills community development project)
  • Joe Wilton (rep for Esheils Wood group)
  • Steve Dubé
  • Lawrie Hayworth
  • Ian Mewett (rep for March Street Mills allotments project)
  • Ross Lowe
  • Ruth Noble (observer)
  • Anna Lawrence (observer)

The Trust’s current priorities are:

  • establishment of a base for the PCT, and funding / recruitment of a paid facilitator / anchor person
  • purchase and development of parts of the March Street Mills site for community use - including the allotments and the former Administration Building
  • purchase of Eshiels Wood as a community learning and recreational asset
  • completion of the Whole Town Master Plan
  • establishment of a community operated co-working space / business incubator
  • development of a Peebles Business Network - embracing those businesses servicing the town and those providing products and services to clients far outside the town
  • potential transfer of ownership of the Victoria Day Centre (through Community Asset Transfer).

It is not the intention that the Trust will take forward on its own behalf the majority of projects and initiatives that it is involved with, but rather it will depend on other organisations and groups to do so.

Where the Trust has headed up the sourcing of funding, and such applications have been made in its name, it will retain administrative and management responsibility for the appropriate use and deployment of those resources and delivery of the intended outcomes for which funds have been provided.

Where the Trust has assisted others in the preparation of project submissions and the securing funding for a project or initiative, it is up to that organisation or group to take full responsibility for the allocation of funds and delivery of intended outcomes.

It is intended that over time the Trust will be able to more routinely offer such project assistance – as available resources allow.