Community Trust

Open Forum - cycling - 8th Jan, Burgh Hall, 7pm

The Peebles Community Council is facilitating an Open Forum ahead of its January meeting to discuss organisation of the 2015 Tour o'the Borders closed-road cycle event.  Come along to hear about what is planned, raise any concerns that you might have, and participate in the debate on how to make this an even bigger success than the 2014 event, and to ensure that disruption is moderated and kept to the minimum. 

The meeting will take place at 7pm in the Burgh Hall on Thursday 8th January 2015.

This is a public session to get an update on the plans for the Tour o'the Borders 2015, question of the organiser, Neil Dalgleish of Hillside Outside Ltd., and discuss issues on its organisation and specific arrangements for the event.  

The Tour o'the Borders 2014 was a very successful event, drawing a couple of thousand cyclists of varying abilities to the area, plus a greater number of supporters, and offering an exciting and rare closed-road event.  Participants enthused about the opportunity to participate in such an event, praised the organisation of the event, and thanked locals for putting up with the disruptions that such an event necessarily incurred.  Nonetheless there was local criticism concerning some very specific disruptions to access and business that occured, and more general concern raised about poor communication with local communities on timing, closures, and other arrangements.  These issues are being taken to heart by the organisers, and improvements put in place.  To find out more, come along - open to all.