Community Council

Planning issues

The Community Council comprises eighteen individuals drawn from the community and surrounds of Peebles.  The Community Council is consulted by central and local government, as the only local statutory consultee, on a wide range of issues from planning to schools, policing to health care.  One of its most important committees is the Planning Committee.  Members of this committee meet every month to consider and comment on planning applications, consultations, and a variety of other issues ranging from licensing to parking, from windfarms to town centre development.  The report of this committee is submitted to the full Community Council for approval at its full monthly meeting (second Thursday of each month).

In the coming weeks the Scottish Borders Council will be issuing its draft of the next Local Development Plan (LDP), to cover the period 2014-2019.  The LDP provides the policy and legal basis against which planning proposals for the town are judged.  It is important that it reflects how we as residents of the Borders and of Peebles wish to see our town and region develop.  Communities will be asked and encouraged to examine and comment on this draft within a twelve week consultation period.  The Community Council will be preparing its own response to this consultation, and to help us in this we encourage submissions and comments from the community.  

Given the continuing and growing pressure from developers to build more houses in Peebles, ongoing but over-narrowly focused discussion on where a second road bridge should go, and unaddressed concerns about school and medical service provision and the limited employment opportunities in Peebles, it is important that SBC officers and councillors know how we think.  We will provide a web-link to the draft just as soon as it is released by SBC.