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Vision for Peebles Exhibition and Debate

Great turn-out for this Open Forum.  Consensus has it that between 175 and 200 people visited the exhibition, with between 40 and 80 participating in each of the four discussions held across the day.

Feedback has been very positive - with representatives of the various groups supporting Vision for Peebles able to canvas the views of most of those who attended.

Ten Community Councillors were able to attend the Forum and engage with Peebles residents, and others visiting from Innerleithen, Cardrona, Eddleston and the Manor Valley.

The event was also visited by one MP and three SBC councillors, each of whom expressed enthusiasm and support for the Forum and the Vision for Peebles initiative.  


Just some words of praise and thanks to all who organized the exhibition and debates. It is a very worthwhile initiative and I hope that all such future events are as well attended.