Community Council


From time to time the Community Council, as a statutory consultee, is approached to comment an a range of planning and licensing issues relating to national and regional plans and legislation.  Current consultations that are open for town and individual comment and input include:

  • The draft Enforcement Charter revises and updates the 2008 documents.  It sets the standards for enforcement of Planning and Building Standards.  The Charter is being updated and comments are requested on proposed changes – see  Responses need to be submitted on the relevant online consultation form.
  • There is a proposal for Byelaws to prohibit the consumption of alcohol in designated public places in the Borders out for consultation.  The Tweeddale Area Forum will be considering this matter at its meeting on Wednesday 27 November 2013.  A key issue in relation to Peebles is local concern, and people feeling unsafe, because of drunkenness on the High Street – particularly in the evenings, and particularly on Friday and Saturday nights – and young / underage drinking and drunkenness associated with the parks (see attached file for survey results).
  • The Scottish Borders Council draft Local Development Plan (2014-2018) is shortly to be released for consultation - (  All residents of Peebles and district are encouraged to examine and comment on those proposals that affect development of Peebles and surrounds, since the plan itself will largely dictate the planning conditions applied to examination of development proposals in the coming years.
  • In 2012 Scottish Ministers launched a Town Centre Review to look at the challenging issue of town centre regeneration.  An External Advisory Group was appointed.  Its role is to bring together ideas on town centres from a range of perspectives – property, culture, community, retail and many others.  The group's focus is on action: what needs to happen for town centres to flourish and be more resilient.  The group’s report has just been published -
  • The Scottish Borders Council Local Development Plan is drawn up in conformity with the over-arching strategic structural plan for the region - the South East Scotland Plan (SESplan).  This represents a new departure for structural planning in Scotland, placing the main Scottish cities at the centre of planning areas - in our case the plan covers Edinburgh and its dependent economies extending from Glenrothes in the north to Livingston in the west, Peebles in the south west and Eyemouth on the south east.  The SESplan has now been approved by ministers, albeit without details of the housing requirements for the plan period which will now need to be drawn up within a Supplementary Planning Guideline (SPG).  The SESplan is, however, available for download here.
  • Forestry Commission Scotland has commissioned a Master Planning process to map out options for the future development of Glentress and its other assets along the Tweed Valley.  Consultations are now drawing to a close, and we are awaiting publications of the outputs for this activity.  Further details are available from here.  Outputs are likely to focus on those areas of land and other assets under the control of Forestry Commission Scotland, but they are likely to have considerable impact on land-use and development along the Tweed Valley as a whole, and the development of tourism infrastructure in the Valley.  Scottish Borders Council planning has indicated that it is working closely with this initiative, and some of the proposals with wider impact will be incorporated into a Supplementary Planning Guideline (SPG) on the subject in the near future.  Note in particular the possible synergy between visitor developments at Glentress and Innerleithen and the recent opening of the multi-use path between Peebles and Innerleithen.