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Community Trust News

The Peebles Community Trust is to hold its AGM on Tues 13th Feb at the Peebles Rugby Club, Eastgate at 7.30pm. 

This is a meeting open to all to catch...Read more

Over the last couple of years work by communty groups and individuals has generated the Peebles Town Action Plan (sets development priorities over next 3 to 5 years), and a...Read more

Community Information & News

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Peebles Community Trust Website

Welcome to the website of the Peebles Community Trust. 

The Peebles Community Trust (PCT) is a not for profit registered company limited by guarantee.  It is a community owned organisation committed to “a sustainable Peebles – strengthening and improving the community’s physical, economic, social and cultural infrastructure”.  Membership is FREE - which allows you to elect the Board of Trustees and determine the priorities and activities of the Trust. 

This Development Trust was specifically set up (in 2012) by then current and former Community Councillors to redress funding, investment and ownership weaknesses in the powers of the Community Council; provide strategic focus on community development and town-oriented planning; source, coordinate and channel development funding; and complement the work of the Community Council in terms of informing and canvassing local opinion.  Its board members are elected by its membership, and three board positions are reserved for serving Community Councillors.

To guide and drive forward its activities it has coordinated the drawing up of a short-term Town Action Plan, is drafting a longer-term Master Plan, and is advancing a number of projects arising from those processes as well as responding to one-off opportunities as they arise.  Projects and initiatives supported by the PCT are either driven forward by the PCT itself, or by project champions acting through a working group of the PCT, or by other local organisations and groups.

Current projects and initiatives include:

  • establishment of a base for the PCT, and funding / recruitment of a paid facilitator / anchor person
  • purchase and development of parts of the March Street Mills site for community use - including the allotments and the former Administration Building
  • purchase of Eshiels Wood as a community learning and recreational asset
  • completion of the Whole Town Master Plan
  • establishment of a community operated co-working space / business incubator
  • development of a Peebles Business Network - embracing those businesses servicing the town and those providing products and services to clients far outside the town
  • potential transfer of ownership of the Victoria Day Centre (through Community Asset Transfer)

In early 2016 its board commissioned solicitors to bring its Articles into full conformity with the Scottish Community Empowerment and Land Reform Acts so that it was cleared to take forward acquisition of lands and buildings as allowed under those Acts.  The PCT also actively supports the work of the newly formed Tweeddale Locality Committee (an initiative arising from the Community Empowerment Act).